Competition and market analysis

Do you want to identify and understand your competitors, to evaluate their behaviour in the online environment or to have an overview of their activities?

We will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your competitors, the market or your product, depending on your particular goals and requirements, and also the outputs and recommendations for implementation.

We can focus not only on the marketing communication of the competitors, but also on other business aspects. From business up to market analyses.

The analysis will be useful for your if you are about to enter a new market (including foreign markets), to review current market situation or if you are looking for new business opportunities.



  1. Identify individual direct, indirect and also potential competitors.
  2. You will obtain relevant analysis of the market and behaviour of the users in the relevant industry.
  3. You will have an overview of the activities of individual competitors.
  4. You will get comprehensive information for launching or condition of your product and also those of your competition.
  5. You will know the marketing costs of your competitors.
  6. You will discover the potentials of individual segments of the market you are operating in.
  7. We will provide you with recommendations on specific measures, including strategy for their implementation.



Initial meeting

We will enter into contact (also online) and agree on a short meeting to discuss what is interesting for you and what outputs do you expect from us. We will be happy to help you with setting relevant goals. Finally, we will agree upon the price, depending on the amount of work.

Carrying out the analysis

Based on agreed goals, we will carry out partial analyses: search and product campaigns, social content and promotion, annual financial reports and spends, web (incl. used technologies) and other specific activities.

Presentation of outputs

The resulting analysis will be provided to you in electronic format, together with recommendation of further proceeding. We will meet again personally or online to discuss all outputs in the entire context and to answer any questions.

We have acquired a wealth of experience in the digital sector. Visit our blog at read article » to learn more about the performance of the online analysis of competitors and its content.


We’re focused on clients in healthcare, pharmaceuticals,
finance, technology, energy, entertainment and leisure, FMCG and other industries.
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LCG New Media?

We manage marketing in its context
No hourly rates
We innovate and test
Less clients, more care
Full-service agency
We build long-lasting partnerships
We manage marketing in its context
We connect creativity, strategy and data. At all times, you will know what we do, why we do it and with what result. This helps us meet ambitious targets.
No hourly rates
For each project, the fee and scope of work is agreed. Instead of tracking work time, we focus on delivering.
We innovate and test
We constantly test new advertising formats, tools, software and systems. We will help you to stay on top of innovations entering the market. We do thorough testing and stick with things that work while delivering results.
Less clients, more care
The owners are also top consultants and take an active part in strategic meetings with clients and project managers. We do not cater to hundreds of clients. Instead, we focus on several projects at a time, which enables us to deliver a high-quality service tailored to your needs.
Full-service agency
Our philosophy is to work in context. We connect a number of specializations and have our own strategy, creativity and analytics teams. Throughout our cooperation, our specialists we will be available to you to tackle challenges even outside of marketing.
We build long-lasting partnerships
We build long-lasting partnerships, which we cherish. We are transparent and honest. At all times, you will know what is happening and why. We will actively seek ideas for further development and improvement of your marketing as well as costs cutting measures.

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