Client: Nedomysleno, s.r.o. (České a Moravské Hrady)
Business: Festivals
Campaign: FB & IG profiles (social media management), Performance & Branding, Influencer Marketing
The period of cooperation: 2018 – present


In 2017, we agreed on cooperation with Hrady CZ and have been preparing campaigns from the spring of 2019. The client had a problem to clearly identify channels and campaigns which were working for them and where should they invest more. Simultaneously, they required assistance in building content for social media and how to integrate it correctly in the purchasing process. Finally, we were asked to start utilising client data.


We have therefore analyzed all data and channels while creating an optimal mix for digital campaigns. At the same time, we focused on ensuring that together with Ticketstream, we were able to evaluate entire purchasing process and to collect visitor data as well as use it. We have prepared various communication lines and activation posts for social media to maximise reach and viral sharing. As a result, Facebook became the main sales channel.

We have prepared campaigns for Google Search and Display in addition to YouTube. On Instagram, we identified and engaged influencers in order to develop the page. Last but not least, we unified graphic design, fine-tuned the new website and synchronized the campaigns with partners such as Prima TV.


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Zveřejnil(a) ČESKÉ HRADY.CZ dne Středa 5. června 2019

Skupina DYMYTRY se představí na všech zastávkách festivalu HRADY CZ 2019! Vstupenky zde:

Zveřejnil(a) ČESKÉ HRADY.CZ dne Sobota 22. června 2019


We saw the first results as early as 2018, when sales and total traffic increased. During 2018, we measured a 502% increase in organic and viral reach, with a 14% year-on-year decline in the number of posts. We focused on content and engagement. This in turn helped increase traffic and conversion rate. While not increasing the budget or even saving during certain periods, we generated record growths of 60% resp. 25%

60 %

Sales growth in the winter
of 2017 vs. 2018

25 %

Sales growth in the spring
of 2018 vs. 2019

502 %

Organic reach growth Y/Y
(2017 vs. 2018)

We have been working with LCG New Media for the second year in managing online campaigns for our festivals Hrady CZ and Trnkobraní. At the same time, LGC also advises us in general on the online presentation of our projects. As we had some previous experience with a number of online agencies, we identified specific goals for our cooperation right from the beginning. We made it clear that questions such as "What is your budget?" or "How many impressions do you want to get?" are totally irrelevant. Similarly, we are not interested in building some groups of virtual fans and this kind of nonsense. Our main business and basically the only goal in the online space is to sell tickets.

We are very pleased with the results - we sell more tickets for a higher price than before and in a way that is cheaper for us. We also save a lot of the costs we used to spend on various nonsense and broken ads on the Internet. Instead, we can invest the money in channels which demonstrate real and measurable performance.

Michal Šesták,
the owner of HRADY CZ festivals and Trnkobraní festival