Bayer - case study


Client: Bayer
Field: Production of medicines and food supplements
Campaign: Supradyn – launching the brand digitally? Why not!
Services: Marketing on social media, influencer marketing, Performance and Branding
Period of cooperation: 2019 – present


The Supradyn brand of vitamins entered the market at the end of 2019. For 2020, it was necessary to prepare a campaign supporting existing trade activities in pharmacies and to launch the product to the market.


Launch to the highly competitive Slovak market (including over 140 similar products) and the acquisition of a substantial market share (ranking among the TOP brands) in the first quarter of 2020.


Main pillars:

  • Fast awareness boost
  • Maximum efficiency (price vs. efficacy)


Due to the premium and price level of the product, it was necessary to determine the relevant target group with an interest in these products and the appropriate purchasing power.

The main target group was set for people of all sexes aged 35-45. It further split into 3 subcategories - athletes, daily life, medical staff.

After mapping the market out, we identified that our target group is 80% online and the competitors’ online activity is minimal. So going 100% digital was a clear choice.

Communication strategy:

For the launch of Supradyn CoQ10 energy, it was necessary to create an overall creative concept for digital formats, aligned with the brand guidelines and the visual of the package. The banners and posts showed people who, thanks to the energy gained from the daily use of Supradyn, can devote themselves to their favorite activities without any concern and displayed the packaging as well as the product itself in playful compositions (especially on Instagram, where mainly image posts are used).

Due to the requirement for efficiency, we used Facebook and Instagram as well as the Google content and search network as suitable channels.

Within Facebook and Instagram, we prepared regular competition, educational and product posts which we always supported with paid promotion.

This communication was supplemented by PPC advertising with static banners and GIFs. Thanks to GIF video promotions, the reach was maximized at minimal cost.

Our own activities were supported by cooperation with influencers, especially through their Instagram profiles. We used various formats: posts, stories and competitions. We chose well-known Slovak athletes (winter sports, MMA and fitness) as the faces of Supradyn.

In addition to social media channels, there was also a display campaign within the Google content network, using prospecting and remarketing towards the visitors to the product website. The creative concept was again differentiated according to specified target groups.


We managed to reach a total of 5 million Facebook and 615 thousand Instagram accounts. We managed to acquire 3,300 fans (FB) and 477 followers (IG) on individual profiles. Through influencers, we reached further 550,000 people on Instagram.


From zero to number two on the market


3 300 new FB fans and 477 IG followers


Reach of 5 mil. FB accounts, 615 thousand. účtů na IG a 550 thousand. accounts via influencers

In terms of sales, Supradyn managed to get from zero to the 2nd position in the multivitamin food supplements category on the Slovak market (share of 8.22%, number one product at 8.29%). In just 3 months.


Due to the success of the campaign, we decided to enter the 2021 Performance Campaign competition category where we took a great 3rd place. The expert jury evaluated not only the achievement of the goal and the complexity of the challenge but also creativity and overall execution.


I evaluate the cooperation with LCG on the project of digital activation of the Supradyn brand in Slovakia very positively. I appreciate the active approach of the whole team, available whenever needed. The team performed high-quality work from the preparation of a year-round media plan to the execution of partial communication elements. We did not stagnate in one place - we were open to flexibility and variability resulting from the current market situation or the budget (another variable during the year). However, we still followed the long-term strategic plan created at the beginning of the project. Among other things, this cooperation also generated "by-products" such as supplying designs of Czech texts for digital formats (banners) as part of local adaptations. In the future, it is very likely that this cooperation will be extended to other Bayer brands. Nowadays, when I sense slight overcrowding of online agencies on the market, LCG is a good anchor and a great expert in this area.

Jana Kolářová,
Brand Manager, Bayer s. r. o.