Client: Blancheporte
Segment: Fashion (e-commerce)
Campaign: Performance & Branding, Data analytics, Social network marketing
Cooperation period: from 5/2020 to now


Our cooperation with Blancheporte fashion brand was started short after the first lockdown in May 2020. The following cooperation objectives were defined for 2020:

  1. Comprehensive online marketing review and setting a new strategy for CZ and SK markets
  2. Meeting turnover and profit goals set for the business case
  3. Increasing overall profitability and monitoring ROI at the level of individual channels (return on margin, not only PNO)


  1. In-depth analysis of all advertising accounts and adjustment of ads.
  2. Business result analysis based on accounting reports (particularly, profit and loss accounts and Roivenue). At first glance, a lot of channels seem to be OK in terms of PNO; in fact, these activities were accumulating significant losses in long-term perspective, with negative impact on the entire profit and loss account.
  3. Development of the new strategy – both for the entire online sector (performance and content marketing) and also for individual channels. The greatest changes concerned Google Ads, RTB systems, Sklik, social networks and product comparators.
  4. Preparation of the business case and also new business goals (they were based on the data, and subsequently adjusted in compliance with the new strategy).
  5. Application of individual points of the strategy:
    • Implementation of the recommendations following from the analyses, adding new types of campaigns, overall optimization.
    • Consistent creation of quality contents based on data (looking for themes and key-words).
    • Gradual scaling of performance channels as well as increasing business turnover, primarily through campaigns.
    • Monitoring mROMI (return on margin) instead of PNO in individual channels. This allowed us to identify problematic (i.e. loss making) activities and re-allocate the budgets to other channels with high return on margin.

An excellent example of the highest savings of our customer’s money was one of the product comparators. The client invested significant financial resources in this area (millions of CZK). PNO seemed to be OK, nevertheless, this channel actually generated mROMI amounting to 79 %.

This means a loss of 79,000 CZK per each 100,000 CZK spent in this channel and this sum had to be borne by the customer. Apart of this, we discovered a couple of other lass-making activities.

The customer has been cooperating with us also in 2021 and 2022. The objectives of cooperation in these years have changed:

  1. We have functioning strategy and all advertisements have been optimised. Currently, we are spending up to 2/3 or our time in working with big amounts of data. This applies not only to the data sourced from Google Analytics or advertising accounts. We are also working with the data in some other dimensions:
    • Power BI, Data Studio for reporting.
    • Accounting records (above all, profit and loss account), internal data bases as well as the data sourced from CRM.
    • The content is managed using Zoomsphere; for the influencers, LaFluence and know-how of our colleagues specialised in this area are used.
    • Other business intelligence tools (e. g. Roivenue).
    • Return on investments will be monitored using own automatized sheets and overviews, allowing us flexible drawing on our financial resources at the given moment.
  2. Pre-defined business case, with set goals in terms of turnover and also profit. The plans are prepared together with our customer, using data sources as above.
  3. In 2021 and 202, we implemented additional large-scale brand campaigns aimed at development of brand awareness and achieving the biggest possible TRP in the target segment. The campaigns were tailored, using own contents (own production of videos and contents), display formats, social networks, RTB and influencers.

Key visual social


Photos made for the campaign


Videos prepared for the campaign

Influencer campaign


In the cooperation with our customers, we always strive to guarantee increasing their turnover but, primarily, overall profitability (this is even more true for e-commerce). Therefore, we ignore the indicators, such as revenues, PNO, conversion price and similar for the most of the time, since they are of low relevance for determination of how profitable – or even unprofitable - a specific activity is for a specific customer.


The results of cooperation in 2020 and 2021, achieved together with our customers:

CZ e-shop

  • Year-on-year increase of turnover in online sector 2021/2020 - by 16 %
  • Year-on-year increase in revenues from the campaigns 2021/2020 - by 28 %
  • Year-on-year absolute increase of the margin 2021/2020 - by 329 %
  • Year-on-year increase of profitability 2021/2020 (at the marketing profit level) - by 537 %

SK e-shop

  • Year-on-year increase of turnover in online sector 2021/2020 – by 21 %
  • Year-on-year increase in revenues from the campaigns 2021/2020 – by 26 %
  • Year-on-year absolute increase of the margin 2021/2020 – by 127 %
  • Year-on-year increase of profitability 2021/2020 (at the marketing profit level) – by 123 %

Rem.: The marketing profit level combines medial costs and the fees for our performance. Hence, increased percentages as above were achieved after payment for our performance.