Jim Beam

Jim Beam

Client: STOCK (brand)
Business: Bourbon brand
Campaign: FB & IG Profiles (social media management), Branding, Influencer Marketing
The period of cooperation: 2018 – present


We started to work with the STOCK (Jim Beam brand) in cooperation with Stock in October 2018, after we succeeded among tough competition in a tender. The main focus was on improving virtually zero content in the last 3 years on the Facebook page and also on the complete creation of an Instagram page, including the creation of its content.


Since Jim Beam was not active in online promotion for 3 years, we focused on activating current Facebook fans and presenting them Jim Beam's core values they identify with - “Because our roots and loved ones make us who we are."

At various times of the year, we also established cooperation with different influencers, who through their posts reflected traditional values, family importance and strength of friendship, traditions, etc.

We base the content on our own photos, which we consider more authentic than stock photos. We strive to add to all photos some emotion which is associated with pre-designed content in conjunction with the location of photoshoot and props.

On Facebook, people responded very well to contests and posts related to current events (International Day, World Day, etc.). Here are the top posts in terms of reach and engagement.

Jim Beam
Jim Beam
Jim Beam


During the period from the beginning of the cooperation (i.e. October 2018) to the end of June 2019, we saw the following results:


5.2 mil. views of Facebook posts (up 25,454% YoY)

4.9 mil. post reach (up 47 417% YoY)

28,000 interactions


1.1 mil. views of posts and Instagram stories

1,024 mil. posts reach

215,000 reach within influencer marketing

Thanks to LCG New Media, we managed to completely restart Jim Beam's online presence. We have redefined the identity, consumer communication and overall visual design. Despite lower investment costs, we regularly reach the TOP 4 among competitors in the number of interactions due to the quality of the published content. Together, we managed to revive, kick-start and re-engage Jim Beam fans on both Facebook and Instagram. We appreciate the agency’s flexibility, image quality of the posts and engagement of influencers.

Ondřej Balvín,
Brand Manager at STOCK (Jim Beam)

Jim Beam