Loterie Korunka, a.s.


Client: Loterie Korunka, a.s.
Business: Lottery
Campaign: FB & IG Profiles (social media management), Performance & Branding
The period of cooperation: 2017 – present


In the autumn of 2017, we won the tender and started working on the content for the Korunka Lottery. The potential of social media was clear but remained underutilized for a long time. Our main goal was to increase activity on Facebook as well as to increase organic and viral reach incl. website traffic and the website's conversion rate (registration on the website).


Based on a detailed analysis of the client's data, we found that fans are inherently playful and competitive. The idea was to include an animated and quite unusual graphics design that would not only entertain people and encourage interaction but also support the brand while meeting the client's goals. We also connected all with the data, custom and lookalike audiences as well as saw the first results. A 360-degree graphics design proved quite effective and had a playful format.

360° graphics:

Vyhrajte 5000 káček! Taky byste si v mrazivém lednovém počasí raději váleli šunky na pláži? Porozhlédněte se po té naší...

Zveřejnil(a) Korunka dne 10. leden 2018


Odhalte, která tři slova se skrývají za obrázky a písmeny. Za správnou odpověď od nás jeden z vás dostane kšiltovku s logem Korunky a 5 000 káček. Odpovědi pište až do 23.59.

Zveřejnil(a) Korunka dne 4. prosinec 2017


Spočítejte čtverce a vyhrajte antistresový míček a klíčenku od Korunky! Dokážete spočítat všechny čtverce na obrázku?...

Zveřejnil(a) Korunka dne 12. březen 2018


This effective strategy has brought to us high organic and viral reach as well as higher engagement from people outside the existing client base. By targeting such active users, we have been able to increase website conversions (sign-ups).



We saw repeated high viral and organic reach. However, not only at the end of 2017 but also in March 2018 - i.e. after the implementation of the new Facebook algorithm. At the same time, the conversion rate increased by 150% and Facebook became the company's highest converting channel.

500 000

Viral reach
December 2017

300 000

Viral reach
March 2018


Increase in
conversion rate

From the very start, LCG New Media has captivated us with its active and creative approach. Thanks to our collaboration, our social media communication has been revamped. As a result, in the most important indicators, such as outreach, number of comments or the degree of sharing, we are beating our competitors. It is quite obvious, that social media is the agency's strength. We also appreciate the approach of individual team members who are trying to promote our brand not only when they are in the office. LCG New Media was the right choice for us.

Pavel Heral,
Lottery Korunka Marketing Manager