Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We help you get on top of the web search using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Are you unable to find your website in the search results? Are you not satisfied with the traceability of your website, according to the keywords entered? Are you unsure on how to get your website on top of both Google and Seznam web search?

What we offer:

Based on your needs, we will analyze the current state of your website and will define a strategy to achieve the top positions of your website in the search results. In order to achieve this effect, we use a set of methods and procedures. Often, we combine the website intervention with the creation of content and sitelinks to promote defined keywords or whole areas. We, thereafter, implement the proposed strategy and continuously measure our results and the overall development.

SEO analysis is, therefore, not a one-time service, but a regular activity.

We specialize in the use of social networks for Search Engine Optimization.

Most frequent client inquiries:

  • Creation of a new website, aimed for Search Engine Optimization
  • Traceability improvement in the search engines for an existing website
  • An ongoing SEO audit and optimization

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