We are a digital division of the consulting company, LCG-360° Consulting. We manage the online campaigns for our clients from the Czech Republic, Europe and Russia. We focus on the development of the strategies for the functioning of brands and companies in the online environment. We propose unique ecosystems tailored to each company for selling purposes or in the form of reputation management. We specialize in connecting the acquisition channels and brand building through social networks. We connect the online and offline strategies to achieve the best outcomes.

The LCG New Media stands apart from
the other companies in perceiving the activities
in on-line environment in connection with other
communication and business activities.

Our goal is not only to build your website or create
a business page on Facebook, but also to establish
a sophisticated strategy for you.

We will identify your strategy and will be capable
of completing it with the necessary services.
Thanks to deep knowledge of business environment that colleagues at our parent company possess, we will help you improve so you will achieve even the most unthinkable goals.