Profile management on social networks
(Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and others)

Operating on various social platforms seems so simple, right? From the first sight, it only comes to posting news to the feed. In truth, however, profile management on social networks consists of a large number of activities, which may be overwhelming for one specialist to handle. It is important to realize that such work requires graphical, textual, analytical, and organizational skills. It is, therefore, often passed into the hands of a team of social media marketing experts.

As of today, when Facebook constantly changes its processing patterns and reach of the various sites, it is essential to have a clearly defined social media strategy. These activities cannot be simply rolled in without strategic planning.

Our agency specializes in social media marketing. We will prepare a comprehensive strategy for your company for various social media channels, while taking the overall responsibility for your brand in the online environment.

Our services will include:

  • Strategy proposal for social networks
  • Publishing plan for a predetermined period, according to which we will manage your business profile
  • Identification of your target group (Buyers, Personas)
  • Perfection of your fan base to increase your profile engagement rate


  • KPI goals proposal and achievement
  • Creation or editing of your social media profile to give it a professional look (graphics, pro-links, text, etc.)
  • Being in charge of your graphical work and copywriting (cover photo, profile picture, messages, blogs, etc.)
  • PPC advertising management for your social networks

This package is always recommended as a whole. However, we strive to meet all of your individual requests and are, therefore, able to prepare a bid on an individual basis.

Most frequent client inquiries:

  • Comprehensive management of social network profiles, including the strategy
  • Profile and fan base creation; online environment strategy proposal
  • PPC campaigns management for Facebook, and other social platforms

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