Measuring and evaluating marketing activities

The course is now also available as an online workshop

This 1-day course is particularly suitable for business owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs as well as marketing and brand managers. Our course will help you get a solid grasp of advertising systems and key metrics. You will learn how to evaluate all your marketing investments from a managerial point of view and better understand how to correctly set KPI targets when it comes to marketing with regard to your business goals. The course also features real case studies and also includes a consultation with a lecturer.

Not suitable for:

The course is not suitable for anybody who wishes to learn how to set up and manage PPC and other campaigns or how to use specific platforms as a marketing specialist. The course subject is discussed from the perspective of an owner/CEO/manager and is focused primarily on evaluating the effectiveness and profitability of digital and offline marketing as well as on strategy, data utilization and control mechanisms.

This course does not teach you how to set up a Google Ads PPC campaign or how to send a newsletter using Mailchimp. However, it will help you understand which activities make you money, build your community or otherwise benefit your business goals. You will learn to evaluate these activities correctly and to manage (your agency, employees, etc.) their implementation.

Our 1-day course consists of 4 different sessions and is 8 hours long, including a lunch break and short breaks between the individual sessions.

Course outline:

Introductory remarks

  • Introduction to measuring and evaluating marketing activities.

Session 1: Systems, data, metrics, and ROI

  • Systems and data collection for your business model.
  • Basic metrics, differences, interpretation.
  • Advanced metrics, differences, interpretation.
  • How to correctly calculate ROI in marketing.

Session 2: Investment evaluation

  • How to evaluate the performance of a campaign.
  • How to evaluate brand campaigns.
  • How to evaluate other activities in digital marketing.
  • How to evaluate investment in offline marketing.

Session 3: Attribution and KPIs

  • How attribution works and why it is important for evaluation.
  • What models to follow (and which not!) and why.
  • How to properly set up and evaluate KPIs in marketing.
  • Real-world examples.

Session 4: Discussion - evaluation of marketing investment in your company, case studies

  • Discussing specific problems sent in by the course participants in advance.
  • Case studies and real-world examples.

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ERV Evropská pojišťovna

Thank you for the inspiring social media course, which was tailored exactly to our needs. I appreciate the professional approach to the preparation of the presentation and during the training.

Mr. Lambert fully answered all my questions and I also liked that he put everything into the context of online marketing so that everything made sense.

Based on the course, we had LCG audit our social media activities. We were provided with an informative presentation, concrete ideas, and suggestions on how to address the problems identified by the audit. We are now putting everything into practice and expect great results.

Linda Víšková
ERV Evropská pojišťovna, Marketing and Communication Department

Asociace hotelů a restaurací ČR

I tremendously benefited from the LCG New Media course. Before the course, I had only seen social media from the hospitality segment. However, Mr. Lambert helped me look at media in its entirety. Since then, I have been using some of the ideas and skills and find them beneficial. The most important thing I learned is being able to choose the appropriate marketing campaign to maximise the sales.

Petra Grycová
Chairwoman of the Prague Section of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of the Czech Republic


I find the training from LCG New Media greatly beneficial as they were willing to prepare a Google Analytics training tailored to my needs. Mr. Lambert explained everything in detail and offered real-world examples. I greatly appreciated the fact that I learned exactly what I came for and will be using it in my work.

Kateřina Holá
TOMMY STACHI s.r.o., Product Coordinator

CIUR a.s.

The training was immensely informative, grounded to the real world and went into depth in important areas. I equally appreciate the form of the presentation, which made it possible to ask questions whenever we liked. Last but not least, we also thank the lecturers for their professional approach. We also welcomed the fact that the company could accommodate our schedule.

Ing. Jiří Jeřábek
CIUR a.s., IT Manager

About the lecturer:

Vojtěch Lambert

Mgr. Vojtěch Lambert

CEO, Consultant & Online Strategist

Vojtěch Lambert graduated from the MABLIM program (Business and Law in International Markets) at the Anglo-American University. In 2012, he founded LCG New Media. Prior to that, he was part of the complex restructuring of several corporations within the LCG Group, where he focused on business development and marketing.

He specializes in creating digital communication strategies, consultations, and campaigns. His area of expertise is social media. He regularly publishes articles and opinions covering trends in the digital world in publications such as Marketing & Media, Mediář, and more. He has worked with brands such as BAYER, Jim Beam, HONOR, Edenred, HradyCZ, Bubbleology, Omega Pharma, BigBoard, Galerie Harfa and others.

He has developed and teaches an Online Marketing module under the MBA program at the Business Institute. He has spoken at conferences and has given lectures at several universities (ČVUT or VŠE).

Get the most out of your training! Get the consultation included in the price of this course.

Send some brief information about your company and your questions or problems that you want talk about during the course to the lecture's email The lecturer will reserve time for each of your questions and discuss them in detail with you during the last session.

If you wish not to discuss the questions with other course participants, it is possible to discuss them privately in person or via conference call.

Further details:

  • The course will take place in the offices of LCG New Media, s.r.o. at Fabrička Offices, Pernerova 659/31a, Prague 8 - Karlín.
  • The price of the training course includes lunch and refreshements throughout the training.
  • The presentation will be available in an electronic form to all course participants.
  • Max. 8 people.

From: 9:30 a.m. - 17:30 p.m.

A printed copy of the presentation

Lunch and refreshments

Free WiFi