Client: LÁZNĚ LIBVERDA, a.s.
Segment: Tourism (spa resort)
Campaign: FB and IG profiles (social network administration, PPC campaigns), Google + Sklik Performance & Branding, Influencer Marketing
Cooperation period: from 2020 to now


We have reviewed the existing content and campaigns and suggested a new communication strategy, with refreshing visual brand identity. The core of the content constituted authentic photos of spa exterior, interior and also procedures offered in the Libverda Spa Resort. These photos were obtained from one of our customers and/or made by our agency. The photos are combined with carefully selected pictures from our photo bank, typo posts and engagement graphics.

The cooperation was starting in an extremely difficult period (at least for this business segment), i.e. late 2020. In this period, the number of spa guest fell by almost 50 per cent compared with previous years. The pandemic influenced the entire year 2021, owing to adoption of measures (ban on accommodation and/or provision of specific service types, outflow of foreign spa guests) and also the concerns of the visitors. First of all, it was necessary to persuade the customers about safety of the spa environment, where – on the contrary - getting ill from covid-19 could be avoided, owing to provided care and repose. At the same time, we were striving to increase the awareness of this spa resort and its services, thus acquiring new customers.


Provedli jsme revizi stávajícího obsahu i kampaní a navrhli novou komunikační strategii zahrnující také osvěžení vizuální identity značky. Jádro obsahu tvoří autentické fotky exteriérů, interiérů a procedur Spa Resortu Libverda, které jednak dodal klient, a jednak jsme sami nafotili. Tyto fotografie doplňujeme o pečlivě volené obrázky z fotobanky, typo posty či engagementové grafiky.

Considering turbulent development of the measures adopted in the course of pandemic, it was necessary to conform to customer´s needs to the greatest possible extent and to be flexible in adjusting the contents and campaigns depending of current situation.

Social networks

On Facebook, we have added simple templates to the posts to accentuate company logo elements. This allows instant identification the posts related to Libverda Spa Resort by Facebook users in their feeds. In addition to conventional posts, typo posts for important information as well as funny GIFs and engagement graphics were added to obtain responses from the fans and also to extend organic profile coverage.

On Instagram, we have reduced typo posts and templates and only the photos with minimalistic framing are published.

On both social networks above, we are receiving the best responses to authentical posts. Therefore, we strive to use own photos as much as possible, minimizing the resources from the photo bank.

Performance marketing campaigns

Along with Facebook-based PPC campaigns and Instagram-based CPM campaigns, Google and Sklik advertising systems were used. This required initial key word analyses in search campaigns. For display advertising, responsive GDN and combined Sklik ads were used, thus allowing flexible adjustment of the advertising campaign to response to customer´s needs. In high season, performance marketing campaigns are combined with brand formats, such as Seznam branding. The campaigns are constantly optimized to achieve the maximum efficiency.


For building awareness of the Libverda Spa Resort (also out of the main target group, i.e. those aged 45+), the influencers in health and lifestyle sectors have been used. We cooperate with smaller influencers having quality audience and extensive engagement. The resort was visited by the influencers, such as @gabitraga, @naskokvkuchyni nebo @lovefashionjana.


Publication of social network contents on regular basis (8 posts every month in every network), PPC campaigns on social networks and also on Google and Sklik, ads in browsers and remarketing. All activities were adjusted and updated on monthly basis, depending on pandemic situation and business needs of the relevant customer.


In the first year of cooperation (as at 31 October 2021), the following results were achieved:


Year-on-year increase in number of fans by 192 %


Year-on-year increase of the number of follower by 338 %

Web and business

Year-on-year increase in web visitor number by 38 %

Year-on-year increase in revenues by 40 %

Average KPIs meeting rate 253%

I am highly satisfied with the cooperation with LCG New Media and also extremely happy to have chosen this partner for online marketing. We highly appreciate personal visit of LCG New Media´s representative to our resort for better understanding of our product and our needs (which was not the case during our cooperation with preceding marketing partners.)

In the course of cooperation, they come up with new tools that could be used by us, we are testing various modalities and using the potential for achieving better results.

The cooperation is very intensive, in fact, it goes on day-by-day basis, starting from approving individual posts and strategic decision-making up to monthly evaluations. The forms of cooperation are continually upgraded.

When I come up with new ideas, they are always willing to provide consultations and/or offer testing or sharing their opinion on the relevant issue.

The colleagues from LCG also recommend improvements beyond the existing cooperation framework, e.g. in terms of web or product.

To put it briefly, the cooperation with our partner is featured by professionalism, helpfulness and pleasant experience.

Ing. Eva Plášilová, MBA,
Director of Sales & Marketing