Facebook profile management

Do you have a Business Page on Facebook, but lack active fans? Do you need to increase the overall awareness about your brand via Facebook? Are you missing the proper interaction between your company and fans? Do you wish to build up trust and sympathy between you and your customer? Do you need advice on how networks generate excellent results and what content to use? Do you miss a strategy?

Then you are on the right path!

There are more than 4 million inhabitants in the Czech Republic and Facebook has become one of the best tools of online marketing over the recent years. If you want to keep up with your competitors and the relevant trends, then you cannot miss Facebook profile management at any price.

We create a Business Page on Facebook, based on your needs and wishes. We will not only increase your number of fans, but also their interaction on your page! We will communicate, approach people and sell your products/service! We simply provide complete management of your FB page from A to Z.

It is crucial to realize that this work requires graphical, copywriting, analytical, and strategic skills. Therefore, management of your Business Profile shall be passed into the hands of experts. As of today, when Facebook constantly changes its processing patterns and reach of the various sites, it is essential to have a clearly defined strategy. These activities cannot be simply rolled in without a plan. It is needed to plan your strategy ahead of time. For that matter, we will gladly do this for you. We will prepare a comprehensive proposal, while taking the overall responsibility for your brand in the online environment. We may also prepare the initial analysis and consultation if the client requests.

Our service will include:

  • Analysis of your company’s standing in the market (positioning, potential channels, competition…)
  • Strategy proposal (content, advertising, targeting, tone and style of communication)
  • Publishing plan for a predetermined period, according to which we will manage your business profile
  • Identification of your target groups (Buyers, Personas)
  • Perfection of your fan base, so your page displays a high Engagement Rate
  • KPI goals proposal, which will have to be achieved by our cooperation
  • Creation or editing of your profile to give it a professional look (graphics, pro-links, text, etc.)
  • Taking over the graphical and text work (cover photo, profile picture, messages, blogs, etc.)
  • PPC advertising management for your social network

This package is always recommended as a whole. However, we strive to meet all of your individual requests and are, therefore, able to prepare a bid on an individual basis.